Esports Apparel of the Year

By March 31 2021April 26th, 2021Community Awards

The Esports Apparel of the Year award honours the tailoring adorned by both elite level esports athletes and their fans. Aimed at a collection rather than a specific item, this award celebrates both the creative and artistic merit of apparel items as well as the performance characteristics these items are able to achieve. This award is adjudicated based on the overall design, the impact of the aesthetic and the success of the release and campaign.

 Award Criteria

Criteria 1:

Esports apparel released in the past 12 months and that was made available to purchase.

Criteria 2:  

The apparel will have had a significant impact at the time of launch and enhances the wider esports product.

Criteria 3: 

The apparel will show creative flair, technical acumen, be of the highest quality and will have been highly sought after.

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