Esports Collegiate Ambassador of the Year

By August 26 2021July 20th, 2022Collegiate Awards

The Esports Collegiate Ambassador Award honors an individual that has significantly contributed to the world of collegiate esports. The person will have given the majority of their time to furthering Collegiate esports, improving the collegiate scene through the betterment of programs, coverage, teams and or support for players. Their remit should have helped to solidify the collegiate scene, showcasing the values of the grassroots and amateur scene whilst helping to provide pathways to pro and or bringing in a larger audience.

Award Criteria

Criteria 1:
An individual that has excelled in the collegiate esports scene in the past year. Through the betterment of programs, teams or exposure of collegiate esports to a wider audience.

Criteria 2:
Has had a significant impact on the collegiate esports scene, be it through strong performance, new initiatives or improving standards.

Criteria 3:
Is pushing forward the growing collegiate or grassroots scene in new ways, consistently innovating to better systems and processes across the board.


This award is 75% voted by the panel and 25% voted by the community.

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