Esports Journalist of the Year-2022 Update

By September 26 2022News Articles

Please find below a statement by Bryce Blum, President of the Esports Awards panel, explaining the changes made to the Esports Journalist of the Year category in September 2022.

The primary goal of the Esports Awards is quite simple: to recognize and celebrate the most outstanding individuals and businesses in their respective fields.
While we constantly strive to reach this end, the esports industry is constantly evolving and, despite our best efforts, we don’t always get it right. With that said, we are always listening, learning, and improving.

After receiving feedback from the community that the nominees for the Esports Journalist of the Year failed to include some of this year’s most impactful journalists, the leadership subcommittee of the decision-making panel conducted additional research, debated internally, and ultimately recommended to add three new finalists to this year’s Esports Journalist of the Year category. This recommendation was then ratified by a vote of the entire judging panel. These finalists have been announced on September 26, 2022.

While we recognize that it is late in the game to be adding nominees to this category, we don’t want the process to stand in the way of celebrating the extraordinary efforts of individuals that have contributed so much to our space. In 2023, we will look to improve our processes by incorporating feedback from recognized bodies and professionals as part of the selection process for this and other categories where we can use additional input.

The Esports Awards are an ever growing, evolving and dynamic platform. We appreciate your patience, input, and support as we look to make the Esports Awards the best they can be.

Bryce Blum

Bryce Blum

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