Esports Photographer of the Year

By March 31 2021June 17th, 2021Creative Awards

The Esports Photographer of the Year honours a photographer’s standout work from the previous 12 months. Their photography will look to not only capture moments in esports but will look to stop time, preserving these moments and committing them to eternity. The winner will have submitted photography taken in the previous 12 months and will be judged on the following principles: the impact it generated, use of lighting, technical quality, creativity, composition, points of interest, use of colour, style, how it is presented and the story it tells.

Criteria 1: 

Any photographer who has covered the international esports industry in the past 12 months. 

Criteria 2: 

They must submit 5 high quality, high-resolution photographs on which to be adjudicated. 

Criteria 3: 

Shown creative flair and originality to encapsulate esports moments delivering images on par with or exceeding any other industry.

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