2022 Lifetime Achievement in esports

Presented by Lexus

And the Winners are…

What are the Lifetime Achievement in Esports Awards presented by Lexus?

Each year, the Esports Awards celebrate individuals who paved the way for today’s generation of esports.

The criteria to be inducted stands on the following three elements: any individual who has made a significant contribution towards elevating esports over the course of their professional career, someone who has worked within the esports industry for a significant amount of time and consistently supported its growth, and someone who has achieved a high level of popularity thanks to their work and has been a long time evangelist for the industry.


When will the inductees receive their awards?

Our 7 inductees will receive their Lifetime Achievement in Esports awards presented by Lexus the evening before the main ceremony. They will be joined by their peers for this exclusive event that you will be able to follow on socials.



Lifetime Achievement in Esports

Who are the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Inductees?

Dennis ‘Thresh’ Fong

Regarded as the first professional gamer in history, Thresh’s highest profile victory was in 1997 at the Red Annihilation Quake tournament, winning first place and id Software CEO John Carmack’s Ferrari 328. Dennis is currently CEO at ggwp.

Emil ‘HeatoN’ Christensen

Considered one of the best Counter-Strike players of all time, HeatoN is the former captain of Ninjas in Pyjamas and a former professional Counter-Strike player.

Daniel ‘OGRE1’ Ryan

Widely regarded as one of the greatest professional Halo players of all time alongside his twin brother, OGRE1 now manages G2 Esports Halo team.

Tom ‘OGRE2’ Ryan

Known for being the most successful player in competitive Halo history,OGRE2 is now General Manager of the Mutineers, a Call of Duty league team.

Morgane Romine
Morgan Romine

Director of Initiatives at AnyKey, Morgan Romine paves the way in supporting diverse, equitable, and inclusive community spaces in gaming and esports.

Alexander Garfield

Creator of Evil Geniuses, a world-leading professional video gaming team.

Jason Lake
Jason Lake

Founder and CEO of Complexity and Global Head of Esports at GSQesports.

What does receiving an award mean?

Who better than our nominees to answer this? Here are some of their reactions