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Host, broadcast analyst, life-long gamer and over 16 years of esports experience. Scott “SirScoots” Smith is one of the most iconic faces of the industry and earned a well-deserved place in the Esports Awards Lifetime Achievement Class of 2019.

Dennis Fong, born on November 7, 1977, is a renowned entrepreneur and professional gamer hailing from the United States. Widely recognized as “Thresh,” Fong made a significant impact on the world of competitive gaming during its nascent stages. He gained fame in the 1990s by winning several major esports tournaments, including the Red Annihilation Quake tournament in 1997, which awarded him the iconic Ferrari 328 GTS. Fong’s successes paved the way for the professional gaming industry, and he became one of the earliest pioneers in the field. Leveraging his expertise, Fong co-founded Xfire, a revolutionary gaming-focused communication platform, in 2003. The platform gained immense popularity and was eventually acquired by Viacom in 2006. Throughout his career, Fong has remained an influential figure in esports and gaming, promoting its growth and contributing to its professionalization.