Esports Desk Analyst of the Year

By March 31 2021May 20th, 2022On-Air Talent

Esports Analyst of the Year honours on or off-screen analysts that break down the action and preview the upcoming games along with the event host. While some are masters of analysing the key moments, others have put in the research to look forward at what will happen and why as well as the stats to back it up. They may specialize in crafting the storylines heading into the upcoming games, but all analysts provide insightful commentary on the tournament that enhances the viewing experience.

Award Criteria

Criteria 1:

Someone who has been an on-screen analyst in esports during the past 12 months.

Criteria 2: 

Provided insightful analysis and gripping storytelling at esports events to keep viewers entertained between matches. 

Criteria 3: 

Worked on some of the most prestigious tournaments in esports to a high standard.


This award is 75% voted by the panel and 25% voted by the community.

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