Esports Content Creator of the Year

By March 31 2021April 12th, 2021Community Awards

The Esports Content Creator of the Year honours the hard-working creators who bring fans high-quality content to keep them entertained, informed, or educated. Anyone who curates content whilst attracting a mass scale audience is eligible with the panel taking into account areas such as presenting style, popularity, originality, integrity, and the overall quality of the content. Whether it’s behind the scenes looks at a player’s life or a detailed analysis of an almost unnoticeable play that turned a game, great content inspires millions, and here we honor the very best creators in esports.

Award Criteria

Criteria 1:
Has created high quality content around esports in the last year.

Criteria 2:
Has established a large audience for the content.

Criteria 3:
Produced innovative content that brings something never seen before to the esports world.

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