Hudson is the Creator and Co-Founder of eBeatz: a music licensing platform for content creators. He has built eBeatz to be a world-leading music provider for the gaming industry and beyond. His love for esports roots deep in the spectator experience, going back to the early days of Halo and Call of Duty and being a fan of what has now become a global phenomenon in entertainment. Hudson and his team have found a niche in gaming content that has been dying for attention, he looks to expand and grow the availability of real music produced by real professionals that is safe to use in creative content.

Hudson teamed up with two-time Grammy and Oscar Award Winning Producer Jeff Bass, known primarily for his work with Eminem, as Co-Founder of eBeatz, to take its music library to the next level. Merging the talents of his partners and his knowledge of the industry, Hudson is thrilled to be part of the Esports Awards and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in music.

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