Ones to Watch

The Esports Ones to Watch Award is a distinguished honor that recognizes emerging talent within the esports industry. This award is dedicated to spotlighting up-and-coming players, content creators, or community figures who have shown exceptional potential and are poised to make significant impacts in the future. The award aims to encourage and support the growth of new talent, highlighting individuals who are on the cusp of greatness.

Award Criteria

Criteria 1:
The nominee has demonstrated outstanding skill, strategic thinking, and consistent performance in their respective game or role. Their gameplay or contributions have already begun to distinguish them from their peers.

Criteria 2:
The nominee has shown remarkable progress and development in their skills or contributions over a short period. They have quickly ascended through the ranks and have caught the attention of the esports community.

Criteria 3:
The nominee exhibits a clear potential for future success and longevity in the esports industry. They are on a trajectory that suggests they will achieve great things and become influential figures in esports.


This award is 75% voted by the panel and 25% voted by the community.

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