Skyler Johnson

By May 18 2021July 6th, 2023The Panel
skyler johnson

Skyler Johnson joins the panel bringing admirable experience in a number of different fields, leading him to be a highly respected and recognized member of the Esports community & creative marketing arena. Skyler has had experience as: an entrepreneur, social media influencer/youtuber, former collegiate athlete, as well as a professional gamer who founded Team Envy (Dallas Fuel, Dallas Empire) over 13 years ago. Skyler is now a corporate executive and branding visionary in the digital media, health/fitness and Esports Industries. His leadership, creative approach and innovative thinking has helped push multiple start up & existing companies to a new threshold of success by working directly for, or alongside, their respective teams. Just some of these companies include: DrinkCTRL, GFUEL Energy, Scuf Gaming LLC, Latium Enterprises – all directed through his highly renowned creative studio, Paper Crowns.

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