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Panel Application

For 2023, the Esports Awards will be inviting members of the esports industry to apply to be a part of our panel.

We are excited to be inviting new members to uphold our core values to recognise excellence, create legacy and honour industry. We are privileged to already have 73 panel members that supported the Esports Awards in 2023 and are looking to build on this.

Whilst joining the panel is an exciting prospect, spaces are highly limited and do require a time commitment around key calendar moments in the Esports Awards campaign. All panel positions are volunteered. With that said we are looking for experts to help steer the future of the Esports Awards and ultimately alongside the community decide the 2023 winners.


All applications will be compiled and shortlisted by the Esports Awards committee, they will then be voted on by the Esports Awards panel.

To view our existing panel click here. 

Application form

    To maintain a place on our panel you must be willing to commit to the minimum time requirements relating to panel calls, nominations shortlisting and voting. This varies but is typically limited to two hours per month.