2023 Nominations

Companies, publishers, brands, organizations… you have from June 1st  until July 7th to submit your nominations.

Why should you do it? To be nominated gives you the chance to be presented with the most coveted award in esports in front of a global audience containing millions of viewers from around the world all watching live, with an in-house audience that brings all of esports together under one roof. This is an award won by only the most elite in esports from those who facilitate esports to those who play it.  Winning an Esports Award is an honor like no other.

This year, nominations are open to B2B only, meaning that esports professionals only will have the possibility to nominate for the Esports Awards 2023. Bringing your brand or product forward is all the more important.

To be validated, submissions will  have to

  1. Have been completed before July 7th
  2. Have been completed by an official representative of the company, product or talent ie employee, agent, PR agency or manager for example
  3. Include all required information.

Selected media outlets will also be allowed to complete confidential ballots, based on their staff’s collective opinion.

The form below allows you to submit one name for multiple categories. Those who want to submit more than one name can take the survey as many times as needed.

Start the Nominations process

Invited Media outlets should use this link.

Categories open to self-nominations are: