Esports Personality of the Year

By March 31 2021January 20th, 2022Entertainment Awards

The Esports Personality of the Year honours someone who has contributed to the esports industry as a whole in a large way over the past year. This could be by driving forward a major product such as a game or brand, raising awareness of a major issue in the esports world, being a notable member of the esports community and influencing at all levels, or someone who has shown impeccable integrity over the year. Those with a strong industry standing, high level of popularity and who have provided a large contribution to the world of esports are all notable in this category.

Award Criteria

Criteria 1:
Someone involved with the esports industry that has built and sustained influence.

Criteria 2:
Has had a significant impact on the esports industry over the past 12 months.

Criteria 3:
Has advanced the esports world in awareness, engagement and interest.


This award is 100% voted by the community.

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