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The Esports Cosplay of the Year honours a piece of cosplay that is truly breathtaking, recognising all those involved in the design, conceptualization, creation and portrayal of the piece. The finished article will have been presented to the community in the form of video or stream, photography, or a cosplay competition during the previous 12 months. The quality of the cosplay will be unmatched by peers, with unbelievable attention to detail, almost exact likeness to the character it portrays whilst also exhibiting a spark of originality. When the piece is adorned it will be nearly impossible to tell the difference between the character and the cosplayer. 

Criteria 1: 

Anyone who has created an esports related cosplay costume and displayed it to the community in a competition, photography, stream or video during the previous year. 

Criteria 2: 

Created a costume that perfectly matches the look of their chosen character. 

Criteria 3: 

Created a costume that is of high quality, showcasing impeccable crafting skills and originality.


This award is 75% voted by the panel and 25% voted by the community.