The Panel

The Judging Process for the Esports Awards is one of the most transparent and stringent procedures of its kind, all overseen by our Esports Awards Committee.

In 2023, the Esports Awards will be inviting members of the esports industry to apply to be a part of our panel.


About the panel

The process begins with the nominations received from the esports community for our three awards groups (Community, Industry & Pro) being reviewed and judged by our Esports Awards Panel. Made up of key industry experts, the Panel features heavyweights from the entire spectrum of the industry. It takes more than two weeks to determine our Official Finalists.

  • The Official Finalists are then deliberated on by our Esports Awards Panel a few weeks prior to our awards.
  • All of our awards except for the Panel’s Choice Award are open to community vote; with the community accounting for 25% of the overall vote. The Panel makes up the final 75% of the vote.
  • In the case of our awards categories in the Community group, the community accounts for 100% of the overall vote.
  • When voting is closed the Esports Awards Committee sign and seal the winners away for the 2023 Esports Awards Ceremony.