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By April 19 2024April 22nd, 2024Play of the Month 2024

And the winner of February’s Play of the Month chosen by YOU is Danil “donk” Kryshkovets from Team Spirit. CONGRATULATIONS! We had a chance to catch up with him and talk about this award and Team Spirit’s fantastic season start. Check out the exclusive interview.

How does it feel to win your first Esports Play of the Month?

I want to thank everyone for cheering for me. It’s cool to win both games and awards. I hope I will continue winning more.

It was an incredible play where you got yourself a 4k without reloading your AK. What were you thinking whilst making this play?

Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular. Just about winning the round. It’s the only thing you concentrate on when you play. Looking back, it was nice to make such a highlight in the final of a prestige tournament on stage.

The team had an amazing start of the year and has had brilliant results and
performances. What makes this roaster different from the others in the CS2 scene right now?

It’s just a really good team. We practice a lot and enjoy playing together. We have great communication and play off of each other’s strengths. This allows us to play at a high level. And, obviously, coaching staff. Hally works very hard on our game plan and structure. That is why we play so well.

It is your first year as a professional player in the big leagues. How did you adapt so fast to playing against the best players in the world?

I like playing against top teams. I didn’t feel any difference because I just tried to play my game.

You’ve now cemented your invitation to the Esports Awards. What would it mean to be there and maybe raise the Esports Play of the Year award?

It would be a great achievement. I’d be very happy if I won. But I don’t wanna say anything ahead of time.


So now we’ve got a bit of fun lined up. This segment will consist of a series of questions to be answered with a short answer. These are quick questions that you have to answer with the first name that comes into your mind.

Who has the best aim?

Everyone has great aim.

Who is the funniest?

Obviously Boris magixx.

Who has the most expensive skins?


Who spends the most time on social media?

No comment 🙂

Who knows the most about Counter-Strike (players, teams, tactics, etc)?

Lenya Chopper and Sergey hally.


To finish, we want to know some fun facts about you:

What would you like to be if you were not a pro player?

I would like to be a doctor of a psychologist if I wasn’t a CS player.

Do you have something unique that you like to bring to game day or to your gaming set-up?

Give me a keyboard, a mouse and a computer, that’s all I need to play.

Any pregame ritual?

Maybe listen to some music during warm up.

That’s it from us for today. Anything else you would like to say?

I would like to thank all of our fans once again. We’ll see you at the tournaments very soon. Cheer for Team Spirit.

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