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Karina is one of the Western esports industry leaders. She’s been building creative teams and creating content for brands, partners and individuals for more than 7 years. Karina has 15+ years of combined professional experience in media, content, production, marketing, PR and storytelling, most recently at G2 Esports where Karina led the content team, elevating it to become one of the leading outstanding content powerhouses in esports. She has experience running large scale productions and leading global projects spanning multiple teams and talent across the globe for endemic and non-endemic brands including Red Bull, BMW, adidas, Ralph Lauren and many more. Currently, she’s working as an independent consultant and strategic advisor with Team Liquid among other clients. She’s in the process of building a co-owned agency that will bring a one-of-a-kind approach to esports brand building and content marketing. Together with her former team at G2 Esports Karina has been awarded two Esports Awards for Best Video Production Team and Best Creative Esports Piece in 2021.